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Zero Waste Club - Soap Pouch

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Scrub yourself clean with this soap pouch. The pouch helps increase the life of your soap, while also acting as a soft exfoliator to get rid of build up dead skin and any dirt.

  • Save money by going through soap slower

  • Made from 100% natural sisal plant
  • 100% biodegradable

  • 100% vegan

Product Information

This soap pouch will help to extend the life of a regular bar of soap, in turn helping you to be more sustainable and save money while you're at it! 

After using, allow the pouch to dry with the soap inside, then wet the pouch and soap again to start using.

At the end of its life, simply cut the pouch up and place in the compost or in the ground. It will simply decompose.

And make sure to recycle the packaging.

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