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Zero Waste Club - Metal Grey Stainless Steel Safety Razor

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A stainless steel razor is the perfect alternative and replacement to the plastic single-use razors. This razor comes with a pack of 10 razor blades and the blades are very easy to replace.

  • Made from stainless steel

  • Steel Grey

  • 10 complimentary Astra Blades

  • Plastic Free



Product Information

You may be a bit apprehensive to try safety razors but once you have tried them you won't look back. These razors are easy to use and will provide you with the smoothest skin and a close shave. When using a safety razor you do not need to apply pressure, with one hand hold your skin taut and with your other hand simply hold the handle gently and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin.

To replace the blade:

Hold the head still whilst you turn the handle anti-clockwise. Unscrew the handle until the two parts of the head pull apart. Carefully replace the blade, place the two parts of the head back together and then screw the handle back clockwise until secure.

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