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Zero Waste Club - Zero Waste Natural Cleaning Collection

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Natural cleaning concentrates from nature, for your bathroom, kitchen and mirrors. This set contains a Bathroom Cleaner, an All-Purpose Cleaner and a Glass & Mirror Cleaner. These clever cleaning concentrates contain good bacteria and enzymes which effectively digest any organic matter. A deep clean is achieved by enzymes & fermentation. Fermentation extracts produced by the bacteria provide immediate cleaning, dissolving dirt and grime. The natural bacteria get into porous surfaces, digesting dirt which eliminates odours. They continue to clean for days after use!

  • 50ml of Concentrate makes up 1 Litre of Cleaning Liquid!
  • Size: 36.0cm (w) x 25.0cm (d) x 10.0cm (h)
  • 100% Vegan
  • Biodegradable


Product Information

This Natural Cleaning Collection includes:

  • 1x Natural Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate
  • 1x Natural Bathroom Cleaning Concentrate
  • 1x Natural Glass & Mirror Cleaning Concentrate
  • 3x Glass Spray Bottles for ZWC Natural Cleaning Concentrate

• Zymomonas Mobilis, Plant alcohol
• Plant based alcohol Non-ionic surfactant
• Lactic Acid (plant derivative) [For Bathroom Cleaner]
• C9-11 Emulsifying agent [For Bathroom Cleaner]
• Mild citrus scent [For Bathroom Cleaner]
• Plant based bio-degradable natural dyes used for the colour [For Bathroom and All-Purpose Cleaner]
• Propan-1 (inner salt) [For All-Purpose and Glass & Mirror Cleaner]
• Sodium Chloride [For All-Purpose and Glass & Mirror Cleaner]

• 15% recycled glass and 85% virgin glass bottle
• 100% recycled kraft paper box with soy ink

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