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Bellapierre Eye Liner Brush

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Made with taklon, the angled Bellápierre Liner Brush is ideal for creating a thin controlled line across upper and lower lash lines. It is also ideal for filling in or creating dramatic eyebrows. The Liner Brush can be used wet for a more dramatic effect or dry for a softer, casual look.

  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 100% synthetic

Product Information

The angled Eyeliner Brush is ideal for creating thin, controlled lines. It can be used wet or dry with Shimmer Powders for endless eyeliner possibilities, or even with Brow Powder for filling in sparse eyebrows. This is a cruelty-free brush, and is made of 100% synthetic fibers that will not shed during makeup application.

Synthetic bristles to prevent the use of animal hair

Bellapierre Professional makeup brushes are essential for flawless makeup application! Whether you use pressed or loose mineral makeup, we have an extensive collection of professional quality brushes to choose from! We have a variety of different types of makeup brushes for all different types of makeup applications, such as for blush, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eye shadow, and other brush sets with multiple brushes. Quality brushes allow you to apply your makeup easier, faster, and also make the experience more comfortable since they are made in specific shapes and sizes for whatever job is at hand. You don’t want your brushes to feel painful going across your face. Many women overlook the necessity of having good quality brushes, especially since most products you purchase already include applicators. These applicators tend to be poor quality and hard on your skin. Buying a separate set is very important to how well the makeup application process comes out in the end. If you have never used professional makeup brushes before, you will be amazed at how smooth and flawless your makeup will look when you choose Bellapierre!

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