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Why Shop Ethically and Cruelty Free?

Why Shop Ethically and Cruelty Free?

“Every time you spend money you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want” – Anna Lappe.

As consumers, how we chose to spend our money can change the world in which we live and every time we shop we are deciding how we want our future to look, this is ‘consumer power’. The power that we have as consumers can be used to empower us and the communities in which we live to try and make positive change in the way organisations operate. By boycotting the less ethical/unethical businesses it puts pressure on them to change their ways or reconsider the ways in which they operate. We have already seen examples of companies pledging to change. For example, ‘Covergirl’ obtained its cruelty free status in 2018. To gain its cruelty free status Cover girl pulled out of selling in China (where it is required by law for the products to be tested on animals) and were audited by Leaping Bunny before allowing them to be part of the Leaping Bunny program.

The bad bit – Unfortunately we have noticed that some brands have recognised the demand and the growing trend in cruelty free, ethical or eco-friendly products. This has led to some companies strategically greenwashing their media, marketing and PR campaigns to make them appear more ethical and greener than they really are. This may mean their parent companies take part in unethical practices, such as testing on animals, whilst other companies that they own gain cruelty free status. This can mislead customers to believe that their brand is more ethical than it is. There is also the possibility that although a brand may not test the end product on animals, the ingredients or a third party may do.

Although it is still a step in the right direction when companies choose to go cruelty free reducing the use of animal testing, if they are owned by unethical companies, the profits could still go towards unethical practices.

This is why we developed Be Kind Beauty, we pick companies under the ethos of being truly cruelty free. This means the brands that you will find on our site are certified cruelty free by leaping bunny including all parental companies. As consumers you can choose to support companies with an ethos that includes environmental responsibility, socially responsible business practices and never any animal testing. Choosing cruelty free and ethical brands helps promote the development of sustainability in the cosmetics industry and supports those who respect and work with the environment rather than abuse it.

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