Green Friday or Black Friday? When you think of Black Friday, you envision a day of frantic buying, with images of vast crowds fighting to get a discount on a product just in time for Christmas. Green Friday on the other hand is seen as the sustainable alternative to Black Friday. It is there to inspire you to shop more thoughtfully and consciously, whilst also encouraging you to get out and spend some time with loved ones.

We all like a discount though, don’t we? You get a little sense of joy when you find something you need a little cheaper than you were expecting. Even more so when you are looking for something to treat somebody else, that is a win-win all around. So, for us, it is about striking a balance. The pressure of Black Friday puts a lot of strain on small businesses like ours. It is difficult to compete in a time where so many large companies push discounts and encourage consumerism, especially when small companies are just not able to offer the same sort of sales. This is especially frustrating when companies inflate their prices beforehand to then make their discounts look even more tantalising. All so you are more likely to be pressured into buying something you might not need or want, whilst pushing out small companies that are trying to be genuine about what they can offer.

This creates a bit of a conundrum for us. Ethical and sustainable companies don’t want to encourage needless purchases or spending but we still need our amazing customers to support us and shop with us to keep our little businesses going. Without supporting ethical brands or brands trying to encourage sustainable change within the market, there is a risk that they will be unable to continue to make a positive change. This will then mean that only large and unethical corporations will be left.

We don’t want to encourage you to buy something for it to sit on a shelf, unused. We do, however, want to provide the very best quality, ethical and sustainable beauty, at a fair price all year round, for when you would like it. We want to make sure that what we sell is enjoyed, All of this, at the same time as you, knowing that you have helped to make a difference. Stopping animal testing and encouraging sustainability to help reduce the impact on our world.

We could not be more disappointed that the UK could be looking to follow the EU decision to ALLOW animal testing for ingredients that are to be solely used in cosmetics and beauty products.

Last year the appeals board of the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) decided that some ingredients that are only used in cosmetic products, needed to be tested on animals to ensure that they are safe for human use. The UK was ahead of its time when it took the decision to ban the testing on animals for cosmetics in 1998 with a similar ban only coming into force across Europe in 2009. Although, beauty products produced and sold throughout the UK and Europe will still have been required to be tested on animals if sold to the Chinese market adding to the confusion to product or brands true animal testing status.

To now hear countries are now backtracking or potentially backtracking on the ban is very upsetting and we must do what we can to encourage our governments to prevent further animal testing. Currently, there are still nearly 3 million animals used in animal testing within the UK each year as under UK regulations to protect the environment and the safety of workers, animal testing can be permitted, where required by UK regulators, on single or multiuse ingredients. However, such testing can only be conducted where there are no non-animal alternatives.

Cruelty Free International has started a petition to encourage the UK government to really consider its stance on animal testing and to recognise the urgent need to look for alternatives. The good news is that at this point in time the legislation preventing animal testing in the cosmetic industry still stands in the UK. By signing the petition below you can help make sure it stays that way and also potentially encourage the government to make even further strides in animal protection.