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Zero Waste Club – Razor Blade Disposal Tin


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Perfect for safely disposing and recycling your double edge safety razors.

  • Designed for disposal of used safety razor blades
  • Made with quality steel to protect yourself from used blades
  • To recycle your blades and disposal tin. Tape up the slit and put it in your metal recycling
  • Sleek enough to fit on any counter top.
  • Can fit 100 double edge safety razor blades – there is a mistake on the packaging saying 300.

Dimensions: W 64mm x H 64mm x D 45mm | Blade Slot: 2mm x 55mm

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Recycling normal razor blades is problematic because razors these days often have a combination of many materials such as plastic, rubber and metal stuck together. Making it impossible to recycle at the end of life.

Safety razor blades are made from stainless steel and are 100% recyclable at end of life. However, blades can be dangerous if not properly stored, and can cut open bin liners if put straight in the bin. So Zero Waste Club have made this razor blade disposable bin to make the process of recycling the blades easier than ever, and safer than ever.

Place your used razors in the slot and wait until the case is full. It fits around 100 blades. Once it is full, tape up the slot and place straight in your recycling. Don’t worry about the tape, as it will get burnt off in the process of remelting the metal.


To replace the blade:

Hold the head still whilst you turn the handle anti-clockwise. Unscrew the handle until the two parts of the head pull apart. Carefully replace the blade, place the two parts of the head back together and then screw the handle back clockwise until secure. See Video

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