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UpCircle- Hemp and Cotton Makeup Pads


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New reusable hemp and cotton makeup pads from UpCircle. The triple layer pads feel silky soft on your skin and are perfect for replacing disposable, single-use wipes, cotton pads and cotton wool!

  • 7 pads included, one for each day of the week.
  • Wash within the mesh wash bag included to keep them together.
  • 100% natural materials: 70% hemp, 30% cotton.
  • Plastic Free

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As we all know.. makeup is designed not to budge from your face, and it takes the same approach to fabric! Therefore, after using your pads to remove eye makeup there will inevitably be some staining. Like a pillowcase, regardless of how much you wash them, they will never return to the pristine condition you bought them in - and that's okay. There are however some ways that you can minimise the stains. When your pad is still damp having just washed off your makeup, rub it into your soap bar and run under the tap - this will get out the vast majority of the makeup before it's allowed to dry. We chose cream coloured pads over black ones intentionally. Most people like to see that their last wipe is "clean" when removing makeup and it is therefor all off. On a black pad, yes - you get no stains, but you also cannot see by looking at the pad when all of your makeup has been effectively removed.

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