Adorn Waffle Weave Facial Cloth


Once you start using Adorns luxe, skin resurfacing and cleansing cloth you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

  • Plastic Free
  • Vegan Friendly

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Adorn Cleanse and Rejuvenate waffle weave facial cloth.

For a truly superior yet gentle cleanse of the skin this cloth effortlessly removes makeup, impurities, pollution, dirt and grime, and can be used alone without a face cleanser for days you are makeup free. Adorn’s Waffle Weave Facial Cloth is one of the most versatile face cloths and is perfect for all skin types. It’s super absorbent and amazing for removing dead skin cells leaving a noticeably fresher more radiant complexion.

Please Note – It is highly recommended that you wash this cloth first to rinse it of any excess black dye.

As skin types vary considerably, results will vary and therefore dead skin cells may not be noticeable for some. Do NOT use excessive force or rubbing. Use as you would a normal face cloth.


The waffle weave cloth is made from microfibre, 80% polyester & 20% polyamide.

How to use

Some but not all cloths will have some residue dye (as can happen with black fabrics), so we highly recommend washing your Waffle Cloth before use just as you would any new fabric.

The waffle weave is a popular product within the range and the dye is used widely and safely across the beauty industry. The ‘weave’ itself assists with gentle exfoliation of the skin and in the instance of using any exfoliation products, if used too abrasively the waffle weave could cause redness or irritation. Please do not rub excessively or use force when using any facial cloth especially around the nose, eyes and lip area.


Step 1. Apply your cleanser.

Step 2. To remove cleanser, makeup, dirt and grime, wipe a warm damp Waffle Cloth over the entire face and decollatage.

Step 3. Rinse the cloth thoroughly and then wipe over face for a second more deeper clean to remove dead skin and impurities.

Please Note – Whilst the Waffle Cloth can not directly cause a breakout, the use of this amazing cloth can assist with detoxing and de-congesting the skin. As the cloth gently exfoliates the skin it allows for any congestion to come to the surface.


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