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How it all began…
Be Kind Beauty was born when I discovered how difficult it can be to find ethical beauty. You can spend hours browsing through brands and products to try and find the cruelty free choice. Be Kind Beauty has been created to take the hassle out of finding cosmetics and skin care that not only have ethical values, are truly cruelty free, but also are healthier and enrich our lives.  It is not widely publicised what goes on to enable the majority of cosmetics and skin care products to reach the market. We feel that many of us would be surprised to discover the truth about the products we have used. This including the unethical processes and welfare issues associated with animal testing. Many of us aim to be conscious of what we do but we know, that many are unaware of the methods still being used in the cosmetic industry and if known, we would not have supported the outdated practices still used on our animals to this day. Be Kind Beauty intends to encourage awareness of our environment whilst also aiming to support likeminded organisations that help protect the surroundings in which we live and share. Additionally, we want to support brands with this ethos and allow easy access to them to all our customers, a one stop shop for all cruelty free, ethical cosmetics and skin care, leading to healthier and happier lifestyle.
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