Kind to your hair, Kind to the planet

EarthKind shampoo bars are ethically created, plastic-free, are kind to your hair and kind to the planet. Earth Kind was created due to an awareness that we only have one planet, and that planet has finite resources, so we can’t just take what we want, do with it want we want, and think there is no price to be paid. EarthKind wants to make a difference, by using plastic-free, sustainable and ethically sourced materials in vegan formulations.

EarthKind Shampoo Bars are created using a blend of the best traditional and new advances in hair care formulation. They have taken proven natural ingredients, some of which have been used for thousands of years to improve the hair, and combined them with the latest advanced materials, all from natural sources. To make them, they take gentle, naturally derived cleansing materials made from coconuts and blend them with organic oils like avocado, therapeutic oils such as tea tree and eucalyptus, and highly moisturising glycerin. EarthKind incorporate a natural conditioning agent made from sugar, normally only found in high quality skin creams. These shampoo bars are made for everyday use to help protect the health of your hair and scalp, and our planet. They use natural, sustainable, vegan ingredients with a high-quality composition. The use of these natural ingredients allows EarthKind to create outstanding products which make your hair strong, luxuriant and beautiful. EarthKind Shampoo Bars have been developed by leading British Trichologist (hair specialist) and award-winning cosmetic scientist, Tony Maleedy (MIT) and Jonathan Lawson-Brown.

Tony is a member and former Governor of the Institute of Trichologists (London) and a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. He has worked as a Trichologist for over twenty years in clinics in New York and London. In that time he treated tens of thousands of people with hair and scalp disorders, including many celebrities and members of the British Royal Family.

Now much of Tony’s time is spent developing Innovative new hair and skin care products and carrying out research into hair at the University of Bath, School of Material Science, one of Europe’s leading centres for research into natural and synthetic fibres.

This knowledge helps the EarthKind team of cosmetic chemists create new hair and skin care products using where possible natural ingredients to formulate high quality products made from sustainable materials.