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Dr. Hauschka use carefully selected medicinal plants that are certified organic and cruelty free to help the skin, help itself and regenerate. Dr. Hauschka have a respect for our inner beauty just as much as our outer beauty. They are passionate about quality and have been manufacturing on the same Swabian site (Southwestern Germany) for over 50 years, using methods that are still largely manual and not mechanical. As Dr. Hauschka is also a Foundation they have no need to think about shareholders and instead need only to respect themselves, the people that love their products and the natural environment.

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Dr. Hauschka source all the best ingredients from sustainable sources and value the friendship and partnerships they have created with their farmers and partners all around the world. Although they try to grow a number of ingredients at their own herb garden in Germany, some can only be grown in particular climates. For this to work their farmers need have a respect for the natural rhythms of the environment, interest in inner beauty and a special fondness for creating incredible ingredients for incredible beauty products. By working with nature and drawing on all the incredible things nature has to offer it allows Dr. Hauschka to create special and caring creams, lotions, serums, oils, and treatments that are just as beautiful and good for individuals as they are for our planet.

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So, whether you are getting ready for a night out with a beautiful new lip stick and foundation, creating the perfect day time skincare routine with your day cream and hydrating eye cream, or a quiet night in under the blanket with your renewing night conditioner, you can sleep easy knowing it is all 100% natural and good for you. Free from silicones and PEG (Polyethylene Glycols).