Combination Skin – A Balancing Act

When you have combination skin you can have both oily areas (usually the t-zone) and dry areas (generally the cheeks), creating a skincare routine that addresses both the dry skin and the excess oil can be difficult. Having combination skin can be a challenge and finding products that simultaneously work for both dry skin and oil skin is the key too healthy, happy skin. Some products may over hydrate oily areas whilst others designed for oily skin can be too drying and leave the skin irritated and sensitive. Heres some skin care tips to help care for and balance combination skin.


Find a cleanser that will gently mattify and purify. A gel based or cream cleanser can help remove excess oil and build up without stripping the skin to leave it feeling tight and dry. Avoid cleansers with SLS, this foaming agent can over-strip the skin of its healthy and natural oils and actually stimulate oil production to oily areas and irate sensitive skin.


Follow on from cleansing to help restore your skin’s PH levels. Choose a toner that will help balance the skin by regulating sebum production but also hydrate dry areas.


It is very important not to skip the moisturiser just because you have oily areas. Neglecting to moisturise can actually cause your skin to produce more oil to compensate the lack of hydration. 

Oils & Serums

Serums are a great way to supplement the skin with ingredients that are packed with properties that benefit the skin. Serums for combination skin can provide moisture to the dry areas whilst also helping to balance sebum production. Serums are lightweight, so easy to layer with other products and provide potent ingredients to the skin.


Gentle exfoliation once or twice a week helps lift off dead skin cells, dry skin, over built up sebum and excess oil to reveal a healthy and refreshed complexion. Using a mask at least once a week helps remove impurities and reduce excess oil, leaving the skin looking clearer and softer to the touch. A gentle physical exfoliator can help unblock pores and remove dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling smoother and looking brighter.