As the founders and owners of Be Kind Beauty we set up the company because of a passion for animals and their welfare. We believe no animal should come to harm or be treated cruelly.

We wanted to be able to support the charities we feel have animal welfare at the heart of their organisation and are making a difference in what can be a very cruel world. Whether it be rescue shelters or rehabilitation centres we will always only every support non-profit charities where the money is used directly to help the cause.


From February until April we will be donating £1 from every sale plus any donations made through our site to the Plush Bear Shelter. One of our main ambitions is to be able to support amazing charities like this, that we feel are making a positive difference 🐕🐾

If you haven’t seen them on Facebook already the Plush Bear Shelter was set up by a young Chinese activist called ‘Liang Xiaodan’ or ‘Plush Bear’. She has rescued an array of different animals from various areas in China which is renowned for its animal cruelty including the Yulin dog meat festival. Over the last 12 months she has expanded significantly and continued to rescue large numbers of dog and other animals such as horses, camels and cats from local butchers, animal markets and slaughter houses. She has developed her own shelter in order to continue in her work in saving animals and giving them a second chance at life.