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Mature Skin

As we age and mature our skin changes, in our 30’s and 40’s it begins our skin begins to form fewer lipids and starts to become thinner and looses some of its firmness and elasticity, particularly where the skin is already more sensitive around the eye’s and mouth. As we age our cell regeneration becomes slower meaning that it cannot...

renew old cell’s as quickly which leads to loss of density and thickness. These are all natural processes that take place as well get older but there are a number of amazing products that we can use to help preserve and delay the effects of ages on mature skin. The most important thing that we can do is to protect our skin from the sun, right from an early age (so that means everybody). This will help protect cells from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB ray. Additionally we can use serums and moisturisers to help regenerate cells through stimulating collagen fibres that we naturally loose as we get older, this will help improve firmness, tone and elasticity as well as helping build up the skin’s natural defences against free radicals found in pollution and harsh weather conditions.

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