Cruelty free make up that is good for the world. Be Kind Beauty has a range of vegan and ethical bronzers that are good for the planet. Natural mineral makeup that is better for your skin. These powders highlight cheekbones and collarbones. Bronzing powders are great to contour, so you will look amazing. Using bot loose mineral and pure pressed powder bronzers give the best results. Be Kind Beauty stock Bellapierre bronzing powder. Dominic Paul contour palette. Adorn loose mineral bronzing powder. Jane Iredale pure pressed bronzer.

Bellapierre Cosmetics are 100% mineral based this m makes them great for your skin. This company has continues to reinvented itself. This means they keep up-to-date with the changing world in the beauty market. Amazing companies like Bellapierre have never forgotten their core values Purity, Variety, Simplicity, and Quality. This leads to them making the best products.

Adorn, Dominic Paul and Bellapierre all ensure that their products are made with the safest ingredients. This means that they can be used by everybody. At Be Kind Beauty all of our brands are cruelty free because no ingredient or product is ever tested on animals. This means that these are the most ethical products you can buy. Not just Bellapierre but also Adorn have a large vegan range that they promise to continue to expand. This creates an even safer planet for our animals. All of Bellapierre’s products are made from pure minerals and natural ingredients.

Be Kind Beauty sells the highest quality ethical products. We plant a tree for every order meaning we can be carbon neutral.  All products are cruelty free, as a result means a safer planet for everybody. Planting more tree results in lower CO2. We want to help the planet and all its animals.

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