100% Mineral Cosmetics 

The next generation of mineral makeup has arrived; Bellápierre (meaning ‘beautiful stone’) products give women exactly what they want out of their makeup; a flawless natural look with vibrant colour!

Bellápierre is much more than just another mineral makeup brand. Each of our products has a special twist or edge to them which make them unique and they are all perfect for even the most sensitive skin. The unrivalled variety, versatility and simplicity of Bellápierre products means they are suitable for everyone and every occasion, positioning them as a highly on-trend, ‘catwalk style’ mineral makeup brand.

Bellápierre uses 100% PURE MICA POWDER with no other additives or ingredients whatsoever which is what sets us apart from other brands. Pure Mica is a rock, which is oxidized for colour. It occurs in nature in sheets and is ground up to make colours shimmer and glitter.